“It takes us forward”: Elnathan John’s video statement

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  Elnathan John is a Niger­ian writer, lawyer, social crit­ic and activist. As satirist, he writes a week­ly col­umn for Sun­day Trust news­pa­pers, and a quar­terly (print) and week­ly (online) page for Metro­pole mag­a­zine. He has been a mem­ber of the writ­ing team for the BBC Media Action pro­duc­tion Sto­ry-Sto­ry, one of Nigeria’s most pop­u­lar radio dra­ma series. In 2008, he pub­lished a col­lec­tion of short sto­ries, ‘Day­dreams Etcetera’ (now out of print). His fic­tion has been pub­lished in sev­eral inter­na­tional lit­er­ary jour­nals. He is short­listed for the Caine Prize for African Writ­ing 2013.

Elnathan is active­ly involved in activism against inter­re­li­gious and eth­nic vio­lence, sad­ly com­mon in his home coun­try Nige­ria. In one exam­ple, fol­low­ing eth­no-reli­gious clash­es in his vil­lage, he vis­ited a Mus­lim Inter­nally Dis­placed Per­sons camp to report a sto­ry on eth­no-reli­gious killings car­ried out by his own kins­men, risk­ing life and limb. Through his writ­ing, he has pro­moted har­mony and dia­logue as solu­tions to inter­re­li­gious con­flict.

Elnathan also teache part-time.

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