Interfaith Council

The Inter­faith Coun­cil for the City of Graz was estab­lished in 2006 and con­sists of rep­re­sen­ta­tives of reli­gious com­mu­ni­ties recog­nised by the gov­ern­ment.  As a con­sul­ta­tive body it is con­vened by the may­or and for­mu­lates com­mon posi­tions on impor­tant dia­logue issues con­cern­ing peace­ful coex­is­tence when need­ed.

The Inter­faith Coun­cil has its main office at the Afro-Asian Insti­tute Graz and Jen­nifer Brun­ner is respon­si­ble for its coor­di­na­tion. Meet­ings are tak­ing place four times a year and when need­ed, their con­tent is con­fi­den­tial. The mem­bers of the Coun­cil are in con­tact via the main office or infor­mal­ly with each oth­er. The mem­bers of the Inter­faith Coun­cil are high-rank­ing rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the Roman Catholic Church, Old Catholic Church, Protes­tant Church, Evan­gel­i­cal Methodist Church, Greek Ortho­dox Church as well as Cop­tic Ortho­dox Church, Islam­ic Reli­gious Com­mu­ni­ty, Aus­tri­an Bud­dhist Union, Jew­ish Com­mu­ni­ty Graz, the Bahá’í Com­mu­ni­ty, Ale­vi Com­mu­ni­ty Aus­tria and Church of Jesus Christ of Lat­ter-day Saints (Mor­mons).

The Inter­faith Coun­cil has a pure­ly advi­so­ry role and is no work­ing body. There­fore it has no statutes, by-laws, no pres­i­dent, no bud­get and no fixed agen­da. The Inter­faith Coun­cil plans annu­al com­mu­ni­ty projects, e.g. an inter­faith con­tri­bu­tion to the Night of Church­es, Inter­faith Moun­tain Prayer, sport­ing events, net­work meet­ings, inter­faith work­shops and city walks, to raise aware­ness of reli­gious diver­si­ty in Graz.

The aim of the Inter­faith Coun­cil is to bring shared issues of the reli­gious com­mu­ni­ties to the atten­tion of the City of Graz as well as being an advi­so­ry, net­work­ing and medi­a­tion insti­tu­tion.


Mem­bers of the Inter­faith Coun­cil

May­or Mag. Siegfried Nagl The City of Graz
Reserve: Mag. Hans Putzer The City of Graz
Provost Mag. Chris­t­ian Leib­nitz The Catholic Church in Styr­ia
Reserve: Mag. Wal­traud Hamah Said The Catholic Church in Styr­ia
Rev­erend Rafael Abona The Cop­tic Ortho­dox Church in Graz
Reserve: DI Amir Ist­fanous The Cop­tic Ortho­dox Church in Graz
Inge Mar­gare­ta Bren­ner The Aus­tri­an Bud­dhist Union
Mag. Franz Han­dler The Old Catholic Church in Graz
Reserve: Ines Tobisch The Old Catholic Church in Graz
Pres­i­dent Kul­tus­rat MMag. Elie Rosen The Jew­ish Com­mu­ni­ty in Graz
Ing. Michael Korak The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat­ter-day Saints
FI Ali Kurt­göz The Islam­ic Reli­gious Com­mu­ni­ty in Styr­ia
Reserve: Mag. Bassem Asker The Islam­ic Reli­gious Com­mu­ni­ty in Styr­ia
Univ. Prof. Dr. Grig­o­rios Lar­entza­kis The Greek Ortho­dox Church
Reserve: Pro­topope Dim­itros Makris The Greek Ortho­dox Church
Super­in­ten­dent Mag. Wolf­gang Rehn­er The Evan­gel­i­cal Church in Styr­ia
Lay min­is­ter Frank Moritz-Jauk The Evan­gel­i­cal Methodist Church
Reserve: Usha Sun­dare­san The Evan­gel­i­cal Methodist Church
Neysan Rohani The Bahá’í Com­mu­ni­ty
Reserve: Nadine Rey­hani The Bahá’í Com­mu­ni­ty
VI Hülya Bolat ALEVI – Ale­vi Com­mu­ni­ty Aus­tria
Dr. Christoph Rit­ter Free church/evangelical alliance
Pas­tor Bruno Gasper Free church/evangelical alliance
Jen­nifer Brun­ner AAI Graz – ComU­ni­tySpir­it – coor­di­na­tion

(As of Jan­u­ary 2019)